Implementation and reconstruction works

Our company will do complex modifications of structure ready, or teared down interiors, until it's  finished.We do all the stages of the industrial works, including interior architecture, electrical works and machine installations.All the works from planning to the end are supervised by teams with 2-3 members, minimalizing the accidental mistakes. To meet every technical expectations we employ highly educated professionals.

Bazilika Kápolna - Gépészeti szerelés

Technical inspection

    During the execution of certain facilities and customers' continued technical supervision they require. Our company of any professional working properly trained professionals can provide. The responsibilities of the audit work, includes:

  • the entire process of building and construction activity to promote compliance with the relevant legislation and controls,
  • construction and construction activity, control of construction and assembly work professionalism,
  • control of the construction log(s), making proposals for the builder,
  • quantitative and qualitative monitoring,
  • participation in the the handover process and possession betting
  • verification of compliance of safety standards,
  • Checking the existence of a built-in materials,
  • financial accounting, control surveys,
  • display of completion certificate 


  • Hengermalom street, Budapest
  • KE, Kaposvár
  • SZIE-ÁOTK, Budapest
  • ÁSZ, Budapest
  • BFK, Budafoki Street