Hungarian branch of QBE Insurance (Europe) Limited

Cleaning, Maintenance

2.770 m2


  • Daily cleaning, toiletries cleaning
  • Cleaning windows with frame: alpintechnique traditional method
  • Cleaning venetian blinds and vertical blinds
  • Curtains, textile washing
  • Carpet & tapestry cleaning: shampooing, dry foam, Bonett disc, dry technology
  • Insect and pest control
  • General hard floor surfaces (marble, granite, terrazzo, PVC, resin) basic cleaning, wear-resistant protective layer involvement
  • Polishing Marble Floors (diamond pad)
  • On-call work
  • Maintaining, full cleaning after renovation under construction
  • Glass and facade cleaning: alpintechnique, scaffolding
  • Removing Graffiti from wall surfaces
  • Yard cleaning, snow removal, slip protection
  • Ensuring hard physical labor assistant
  • Distribution and filling of materials for hygiene


  • Hengermalom street, Budapest
  • FUTUREAL, Budapest
  • ÁAK, Kál
  • SZIE, Gödöllő
  • ORCO, Budaörs