Starlight Suites Hotel


Further services

Services for electrical installation

  • Repairing of existing networks, or extending them
  • Electric water heater building, repairing, maintaining
  • Electric cooker, electric ovens installation
  • Electronic cupboards, switchboard renewal, interchange
  • Wires change in properties
  • Chandeliers, lamps build up, installation
  • Installatin of connectors, switches etc..
  • Insulation measurements
  • Troubleshooting

Our engineering services

  • Sewer and drain cleaning, drain cleaning within the boundary, with high pressure machine / Woma /
  • Industrial and special works (lock repair, welding, coating, etc.)
  • Dangerous waste removal, disinfection


  • ÁAK, Kál
  • SASAD RESORT, Budapest
  • BESZ, Budapest
  • BFK, Sas street
  • BFL, Budapest
  • CELEBI, Budapest