Maintenance and building operation

The properties represent a lasting value, that is, if they are operated professionally. You as a property owner can have clear ideas, you want to preserve the value of your estate for a long time, or to increase it even further and eventually optimize the cost of the property. 

In a company's life it's key importance to use the resources optimally. The maintenance, operating works include all the equipments in the facility. Our experts assess the facility and make suggestions for improving equipment efficiency. In each case, taking into account the manufacturer's specifications annual maintenance plans for all installations.  Strict adherence to the prescribed maintenance essential can lead for successful operation.


The apartment house janitor:

  • Knowing the characteristics of the flats- on the basis of economic analysis - the janitor will make an offer for the building's upkeep,
  • will do it's job, according to the contract, that's been bound with the owners. and will control and supervise the renewal procedures.
  • develop proposals on the basis of the agency contract out management of the condominium, for the utilization of the common parts of the house.


  • Decisions of the general assembly preparation and implementation
  • take all necessary measures to ensure the maintenance of the building,
  • About the decisions of the general assembly keeping a record (according to the Book of Resolutions of General Meeting)
  • Preparation of annual accounts on the basis of accounting and reporting according to the accounting rules

Clean water

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  • FUTUREAL, Budapest
  • VÁTI II, Budapest
  • SZIE-ÁOTK, Budapest
  • ÁAK, Kál
  • SZTNH, Budapest