Water machine

WATERLOGIC is a world leader in the manufacture of water treatment equipments. It is present in more than 40 countries, it owes it's successes to it's revolutionary new ideas.  It aims to provide every user on the basis of existence: clean water. Cold, warm or bubbly... from a very effective, aesthetic and very easy to use machine.

The water machine contributes to the health of an unlimited supply of clean water. You don1t have to bother with switching the bottles, the machine is connected to the waternetwork. The installation of the machine is done by DETA-ÉP' own employees.

We can offer the WATERLOGIC machine by a rental construction, with a contract for 1-3 years. The rental service includes:

  • WATERLOGIC 4 watermachine
  • water filtration units
  • carbon dioxide bottles rental fees
  • cup stand
  • repair service within 24 hours after the announcement
  • one-time upload fee of CO2 bottles
  • waternetwork installation
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  • ELTE GYF, Budapest
  • FUTUREAL, Budapest
  • ORCO, Budaörs
  • ÁSZ, Budapest