Building hygiene

To keep our clients' properties clean is DETA-ÉP' task. Our company's business philosophy on this field, is giving a long-term, high standard service.

This is all based on highly educated leadership, often inspected quality control, employing local professionals and well educated and experienced cleaners, usage of modern equipments. We develop the cleaning technique, based on the surrounding. Also, we are prepared to do special tasks, like:

  • alpine technique tasks,
  • maintenance of outdoor areas: in summer mowing, gardening, in winter cleaning the snow, get rid of slippery roads
  • Selective waste collection, transport, disinsection

According to our clients' needs, we can work with environmentally friendly detergents and we focus on environmet protection.

Gardening, garden renewal

After an on-site survey, we offer for apartment houses:

  • guidance
  • irrigation systems installation, commissioning, maintenance
  • Trees, shrubs deployment, pruning, hoeing, care
  • Hand-propelled mowing machines, fűgyűjtővel, paring removal
  • edging shear
  • clog free raking
  • fertilization
  • weeding, herbicides


  • NIF, Budapest
  • BFK, Sas street
  • BKF, Budapest
  • BFK, Budafoki Street
  • NAV, Kaposvár
  • KE, Kaposvár