Fast sevice

. Our fast service team is ready from 0-24 hours a day and if there is an accidental malfunction, across Budapest, our team is ready to begin to solve it in 60 minutes, even on weekends or holidays.

Further services

Services for electrical installation

  • Repairing of existing networks, or extending them
  • Electric water heater building, repairing, maintaining
  • Electric cooker, electric ovens installation
  • Electronic cupboards, switchboard renewal, interchange
  • Wires change in properties
  • Chandeliers, lamps build up, installation
  • Installatin of connectors, switches etc..
  • Insulation measurements
  • Troubleshooting

Our engineering services

  • Sewer and drain cleaning, drain cleaning within the boundary, with high pressure machine / Woma /
  • Industrial and special works (lock repair, welding, coating, etc.)
  • Dangerous waste removal, disinfection


  • NYUFIG, Budapest
  • FUTUREAL, Budapest
  • Hengermalom street, Budapest
  • GYEMSZI-OGYI, Budapest
  • BFK, Sas street