About us

We could reach our goals with a hardworking and dedicated team.We have the biggest achievments and experience in the fields of facilities management and general construction.

We believe that all of our won projects will increase even more in the future with this attitude and DETA-ÉP Kft. will be even more successful and acknowledged.

Our operating jobs include all the furnitures in the property.Our experts when finding some problems while doing operation will give you professional and money saving offer to find a solution easily. Our economic professionals will give the tenants the facilitie's cost sharing, accoring to needs even in monthly/weekly/daily breakdowns.

For modern building supervision, we can offer an operating professionals with high experience and education. We can maintain an optimal number of staff which we integrate into our system. 

Gardening, garden renewal

After an on-site survey, we offer for apartment houses:

  • guidance
  • irrigation systems installation, commissioning, maintenance
  • Trees, shrubs deployment, pruning, hoeing, care
  • Hand-propelled mowing machines, fűgyűjtővel, paring removal
  • edging shear
  • clog free raking
  • fertilization
  • weeding, herbicides


  • GYEMSZI-OGYI, Budapest
  • SOTE, Budapest
  • KE, Kaposvár
  • NYUFIG, Budapest