Welcome to DETA-ÉP Kft.' webpage!

Our company is a building facility management specialist company. 

Our collegues are very experienced professionals on the fields of operation, maintenance, renovation and cleaning. 

„During the life of a building 80% of the costs incurred during the operating period…..”

Our customers' satisfaction is our success.

International researches have shown that cooperation of companies specialized in the areas mentioned above, can  not only can  grant a higher level of comfort and longer life, but it can mean money saving for the owners.


Gardening, garden renewal

After an on-site survey, we offer for apartment houses:

  • guidance
  • irrigation systems installation, commissioning, maintenance
  • Trees, shrubs deployment, pruning, hoeing, care
  • Hand-propelled mowing machines, fűgyűjtővel, paring removal
  • edging shear
  • clog free raking
  • fertilization
  • weeding, herbicides


  • Hengermalom street, Budapest
  • BFK, Budafoki Street
  • SZIB, Budapest
  • ELTE GYF, Budapest
  • BESZ, Budapest